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Are you intrigued by the idea of making money in the stock market?

Curious about OPTIONS?

OR…are you an experienced trader who’s always on the hunt for a NEW strategy? Especially one geared to protecting you from downside RI$K?

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If so, here’s an innovative concept with several variations designed by a fellow trader to put profits in your pocket while providing you with an all-important $AFETY NET.

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No-Risk Day Trading by Thomas Lum

INCLUDING introductory information for beginners new to trading, this lean, how-to guide also highlights investing Do’s & Don’ts in leading you step-by-step through instructions for making market gains — while protecting YOUR investment from downside risk — including his “bonus strategy” dubbed “the Limited Martingale.”

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In fact, the author has been consistently netting

5% gains

in short-term trades using this “Protected Covered Pullback” he’s developed.

For example, with just 8 trades, his portfolio netted

a gain of 40%!

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JUST published!

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No-Risk Day Trading

The Covered Pullback Strategy for Making THOUSANDS

by Thomas Lum


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Most people LOSE when trying their hand at options — I know, I did too. But after much experimenting, this IS IT! PROTECT your investment while earning gains on virtually every trade…

Thomas Lum

Author . Entrepreneur . Trader

MEET the Author

San Francisco businessman Thomas Lum is an experienced trader, having initially followed in his dad’s conservative footsteps when he began investing right out of college in his 20s―pursuing the same buy-and-hold strategy with blue-chip stocks. In the decades since, after morphing into an entrepreneur, he applied that same “pursuing” appetite he honed in business to a wide array of investment education, experimenting extensively with his own portfolio over the years. Having conceived and executed these core strategies of his repeatedly, he’s now sharing these hard-won insights with YOU…

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